• Conductive Bead is a core component of ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Film) which is used in the Displays (LCD/PDP) and Touch Screen Panels to make the electrical and the mechanical connections between Glass and Chip/FPCB.
  • Main Product: Polymer Cored Bead
  • Particle Shape: Spherical
  • Particle Size: Customizable (1~50um)

  • Ntrium's unique and innovative technology solves the issue of overheating in advanced single high performance packaging material such as Mobile AP, protecting it from damage and speed slowdown due to overheating.
  • Ntrium's patented TIM technology achieves much higher thermal conductivity and heat dissipation performance than other existing silicone-based TIM.
  • Thermal Conductivity (TIM): Above 10W/mK
  • Thermal Conductivity (Heat Sink): Above 1,500W/mK

  • Fillers are most important single ingredient in Underfill of Flip Chip Package, especially for improving the thermal conductivity.
  • Thermal Conductivity (Filler Particle): Above 50W/mK (The existing Filler particle from another companies: Usually 1.4W/mK)

The field of Printed Electronics is clearly spreading from Touch Screen Panel, to Solar Cell Electrodes, RFID, FPCB and further applications. The persistently high price of silver, which retards the use of silver inks and pastes in cost-sensitive applications, calls the alternative cost efficient nano-particles.

With Ntrium's sophisticated coating technology, we're conducting research and development of Core-Shell type nano-particle which can substitute the silver powder. The low cost core materials with silver coated layer can reduce up to 50% price from the existing silver powder.

Conductive Core/Shell