We are Nano-Alchemists.
We Coat Happiness

Just in Time Development Best in Product Quality and Value Customer Satisfaction

core values

Human 1st

  • Safety at Work
  • Physical & Mental Health at Work
  • Genuine Respect for Customers
  • Contribution to the Society

Passion & Action

  • Self-Confidence at Work
  • Determination at Work
  • Go-Getter at Work
  • Execution is Key

Integrity & Trust

  • Honesty & Truthfulness at Work
  • Consistency between Personal Vision & Company Goal
  • Make Plan. Share and Stick to it

Fun & Creative Workplace

  • Fun & Effective at Work
    → Personal Motivation in accordance with Company Goals
  • Always Open Door for Suggestions and Ideas
  • Weekly Creative Time for Open Mind


Beyond google in Nano-Convergence Materials and Technology(in 2027)

  • google is answer for everything
    NTRIUM is answer for Nano-technology !
  • Best Support to Employees to balance between Personal Motivation and Work Goal
    → Best Company to Work in 2027