the history of Ntrium

Feb. Founding Ntrium
The 1st company founded and invested by AICT (Advanced Institutes of Convergence
Technology, http://aict.snu.ac.kr/eng/)
Jun. Venture Company Certified
Aug. Acknowledged Top beneficiary of TIPS Program operated by Government
(Small and Medium Business Administration, http://www.smba.go.kr/eng/index.do)
Sep. Opening Advanced R&D Center
Nov. Top winner of T2B Program operated by Nano-Technology Research Association
Jan. ISO9001/14001 Certified
Winner of Global Start-up Contest (By KOTRA)
Jul. Operating Mass production line
Sep. Exhibiting at Nano Taiwan
Oct. Exhibiting at Asia Electronics Exhibition Shanghai
Opening Taiwan Branch
Nov. Winner of Material Technology Development Program by Government
Exhibiting at C-Touch China
Dec. Invested by Korea Development Bank / SV Investment / Capstone Partners
First Shipment
Mar. Exhibiting at SEMICON China
Apr. Starting Exports to Global Market
Jun. Exhibiting at ECTC San Diego
Sep. Exhibiting at SEMICON Taiwan


The 'N' in Ntrium stands for Nano-technology or Next. The spear of 'Trium' is the most powerful weapon in Greek mythology.

The weapon is appeared in the 2012 film, the Wrath of the Titans. It is made of the weapons of big three: Zeus' lighting bolt, Poseidon's trident and Hades' two pronged pitch fork. In the movie, Perseus wielded it while riding on Pegasus to kill kronos.

In a next thriving nanotechnogy era, Ntrium is motivated to remain an innovative market leader with the most powerful weapon of the Nano-convergence Materials and our strong commitment to commercialization.