• Sophisticated nano-technology allow Ntrium to control the thickness and the material property of the coating layer after necessary surface treatments of the core materials (particles) to meet customer satisfaction.
  • Coating Thickness: 1 ~ 5,000nm
  • Coating Material: Au, Ag, Ni, Cu, Sn, Various Alloys and Oxides

  • Particle Dispersion Technology: Nano-particle dispersion is one of the most important and difficult technologies during the surface treatments and the Nano-coating process. Ntrium's optimized R&D infrastructure and production capabilities for the diverse dispersion solutions and technologies enable us to fulfill our customer's market needs with the best quality products.
  • Particle Mixing Technology: Ntrium can blend Nano/Micro-sized particles homogeneously with Solvent or Resin. Mixing Particles can be used for Paste, Adhesives, Films and many other applications.

Ntrium can develop formulations for materials intended for customer's specific applications, provide samples within a very short time, and produce materials with the most optimized process.

  • Particle Size: 10nm ~ 100um
  • Particle Shape: Spherical, Granule, Flake, Wire, etc
  • Particle Material: Metal, Oxide, Polymer, etc.
  • Particle Structure: Single or Composite Material, Coated Material, etc.

Ntrium is presented with the opportunity to converge Nano-material technology and the Microelectronics packaging technology of Display / Semiconductor / Mobile / IT products, to ignite bright minds that solve technical problems customers face, to provide collaborate and innovative solutions.

Guided by a firm focus on customer centricity and sustainability, we strive to be global partners of choice to our customers in diverse industries, such as Energy (Solar cell, Rechargeable battery), Biomedical (Pharmaceutical, Biomaterial), Cosmetics and Automobiles as well as IT and Electronics. We are committed to helping customers analyze the problems and overcome them with our Nanotechnologies.