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AICT(Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology): Senior Researcher (Active)

  • SNU(Seoul National University) Material Engineering: Research Professor (Active)
  • Samsung Semiconductor: Principal Engineer (~2012)
  • IMEC Lab (Belgium): Dispatched Researcher(~2009)
  • Samsung Semiconductor: Senior Engineer (~2009)
  • SNU Material Engineering: B.E. / M.E. / PhD.


  • 45 International Patent Application
  • 27 First Inventor of International Patent Application

Hello there,
It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Ntrium website.
The 'N' in Ntrium stands for Nano-technology or Next. The spear of 'Trium' is the most powerful weapon in Greek mythology.
In a next thriving nanotechnology era, Ntrium is motivated to remain an innovative market leader with the most powerful weapon of the Nano-convergence Materials and our strong commitment to commercialization.
We will contribute to improve happiness and convenience for all humanity by overcoming the limitation of the conventional industries with Ntrium's innovative and futuristic nano-convergence technologies: Synthesis of Nano/Micro Materials and Surface Treatments, Nano/Micro Coating of Fine Particles, Nano/Micro Filming, and MEMS/NEMS Process Technology.
While the nanotechnology is our spear of 'Trium', our employees 'Ntrians' are the most valuable assets who develop and make use of Nanotechnology.
Ntrians trustworthy follow the company's Mission, Core Value, and Vision, seeking to create Ntrium's own company culture of 'Human 1st / Passion and Action / Integrity and Trust / Fun and Creative Workplace'.
They are firmly committed to make the business a success with a good character, passion and diverse technical expertises range from Electronic materials and components to Material Engineering, Information Technology, Semiconductor, Chemistry, and Bio-Engineering.
Ntrians good character, passion and expertises enable Ntrium can develop and provide what customers' most want with the best competitive price and the top product quality.
Ntrians of Management and Advisory Board have the overall responsibility for the management and the direction of the Ntrium to become a vigorous and sustainable company.
Their key purpose is to ensure Ntrium's property by collectively directing Financial, Accounts, Marketing, Sales, and Business Portfolio, and by seeking collaboration with conglomerates or mid-sized companies.
We promise to be true to our purpose, to accomplish our mission, to operate consistent with our core values and to generate our enterprise in service to humanity. 
Thank you for taking the time to visit the Ntrium website and I wholeheartedly welcome any constructive feedback you may have.

Warm Regards,
CEO & Ntrians of Ntrium Inc.