We will help your innovation.

You can integrate Ntrium's advanced technology into your own products to maximize their innovations through our licensing model.

Ntrium is making a considerable contribution to the fields of advanced display materials, mobile, semiconductor, and biopharmaceutical products.

Ntrium is developing and supplying a broad range of diverse products such as nano/micro-scale polymer particle, coated bead, conductive ball, TIM(Thermal Interface Material), underfill filler for flip chip package, and DDS(Drug Delivery System).

We encourage the use of Ntrium's intellectual property and technology through the licensing agreements.

If you have discovered something significant to help your product innovation, it's time to contact our Licensing and Technology Transfer organization to learn how we can work together to turn your discovery's potential into reality.

We are flexible with respect to licensing, and will always try to find a licensing model that both works for our customers and gives us a fair share for our IP.

One of our licensing models is a license fee that is based on your organization's overall gross annual revenue of all products that use Ntrium's IP. We therefore also offer other models, including fixed annual fees and one-time buy-outs.

Please contact us to discuss your licensing requirements.