Development and Production of Customized Materials.

Ntrium offers customized material solutions with our sophisticated and innovative coating technology.

Ntrium's experts(Alchemists) customize Nano Material solutions for clients in a wide range of industries, from Display to Mobile, Semiconductor, 3D Printing, Biopharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Aerospace and Beyond. We actively seek opportunities to work with customers who are interested in combining their resources and scientific strength with our proven Nano-Technology and Material expertise. We develop formulations for materials intended for your specific applications, provide samples within a very short time, and produce materials only for you.

We are not restricted to using materials both for core and coating layer. Based on your application demands, we select materials from Polymer to Ceramic, Metal, Silica, and Composite Materials. This is possible because we apply the best practices we've developed in our own R&D process and manufacturing facilities, as well as providing two decades of High-Technology world experience. Our laboratory and production sites are extensively equipped for the purpose.

So, if you need new innovative materials for your own application and you're looking for a partner to maximize your development process, connect with Ntrium to discuss a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Our objective is to develop and produce new materials that are critical building blocks for customers success. Let's combine our strengths to create the new future.